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CMT travel agency specializes in supporting major music festivals and offers support in the organization, sale, and implementation of the Balkan Wave Festival.  CMT is the official exclusive travel partner of the festival and the responsible organizer for travel packages.



The General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the business contract (application/reservation form) concluded by CMT D.O.O. and a passenger applying for a particular arrangement. Arrangements are intended primarily for young people, students, and high school students unless otherwise stated in the content of the program/offer. When a passenger orders a travel arrangement at an agency, from an authorized person, by telephone, or via the Internet, he is considered to have accepted the provisions of these general terms and conditions. Passenger registration is binding. He may withdraw from it only in accordance with the provisions on the passenger’s cancellation of the trip. For a binding application, in addition to the explicit written application or. signed contracts also count as any order submitted orally or in writing by telephone or the Internet. The passenger is responsible for the costs and consequences of incorrect information, if not at check-in


The passenger can apply for the arrangement in the branches of CMT D.O.O., in an authorized agency or. person, or over the Internet. Upon registration, CMT D.O.O. and the passenger enters into a travel contract that contains information about the passenger arrangement or refers to the program/offer of the arrangement where this information is provided. Upon check-in, the passenger must provide all the necessary information and submit the documents required by the travel program and pay at least 30% of the total value of the arrangement or. as stated in the travel program/offer. The remaining part is paid by the passenger no later than 30 days before the start of the trip, or as stated on the application form/contract. In the event that the remaining part of the price of the arrangement is not paid by the passenger within the specified period, it is considered that he has canceled the arrangement and CMT D.O.O. acts in accordance with the provisions on the passenger’s cancellation of the arrangement from point V of these general terms and conditions. In the case of an order or. the sale of a tourist arrangement via the Internet, the general terms and conditions for tourist arrangements and special business conditions, and the offer published on CMT D.O.O.’s website apply. It is considered that the passenger has accepted the provisions of these general terms and conditions and instructions at the moment when he ordered an individual service via the Internet. An essential condition for the validity of the application is the payment of the entire service within 3 days after the submission of the order or application unless a different deadline is specified. If the service is not paid for within the specified period, it is considered that it has never been ordered.

The day of payment is considered to be the day when the passenger makes the payment at the CMT D.O.O. or at an authorized agency or co CMT D.O.O. receives payment to the transaction account of CMT D.O.O. The passenger can pay in cash or by other envisaged means of payment. In accordance with the terms of business of financial institutions, in the case of cash or non-cash payment (credit cards,  BA,…) of a travel arrangement or other services CMT D.O.O., in case of a refund of payment CMT D.O.O. in no case can he pay cash, and the passenger can request a credit, which the agency carries out through the bank, to the passenger’s bank account, if he is entitled to it. When a travel arrangement is booked for a passenger by an authorized travel agency, all the provisions of this point also apply to an authorized travel agency.
Timely and correctly paid travel, registration fee, and check-in costs guarantee the passenger, under the conditions specified in these general conditions and travel instructions, or under the conditions determined by special business conditions or program, participation, or vacancy in an individual travel arrangement or trip.

Upon departure, the passenger is obliged to the tour leader or. submit to the representative of CMT D.O.O a confirmation of full payment of the arrangement, a voucher, or other documents that unequivocally proves that the arrangement has been paid in full, otherwise the tour manager or. representative of CMT D.O.O. is not obliged to accept the passenger on the trip or. arrangement. In accordance with the decision of the Association of Tourist Agencies of Slovenia, CMT D.O.O. charges a registration fee for each application, which covers the administrative costs of the application. The amount of the registration (booking) fee is 10 euros per person or 5% of the total amount of the arrangement unless otherwise stated in the program. In the event that the passenger uses the PayPal means of payment when checking in via the website, 3.5% is added to the amount paid by the passenger as compensation for payment costs. The registration (booking) fee is a non-refundable charge.
The application form-travel contract is received by the passenger at the point of sale upon conclusion of the reservation or via e-mail if the application was concluded outside the business premises of CMT D.O.O. If the passenger would like the documentation to be printed and sent to him by mail, CMT D.O.O. charges printing and shipping costs of € 5.


The prices of the arrangements are determined in the program/offer and are valid from the day when the program/offer is published. Prices for all arrangements are in euros. CMT D.O.O. reserves the right to change prices in accordance with the Code of Obligations (due to changes in the exchange rate, changes in transport tariffs, changes in fuel prices (). On possible price changes, CMT D.O.O. informs the passenger no later than 20 days before the start of the journey. If the increase in the agreed price exceeds 8%, the passenger may withdraw from the contract free of charge, but no later than 2 days after receiving notification of the price change. CMT D.O.O. may stipulate in the program that the passenger pays for the services to be performed abroad, directly to the foreign person on the spot and as provided by the program/offer. In this case, CMT D.O.O. acts only as an informant, and the passenger asserts all possible complaints on the spot and at the service organizer (abroad).
Unless otherwise specified in the program/offer, the price of the package includes transport, accommodation, catering, and/or other tourist services, as well as travel organization and VAT. Special services are those services that are not included in the price of the arrangement (single or other rooms as provided in the program, special meals, optional excursions…) or for which the program provides additional payments (visas, airport fees). These services are paid for separately by the passenger. Upon check-in, the passenger can indicate wishes for special services, which, where possible, are added to the price of the arrangement. The passenger pays for special services upon check-in but can pay extra (in the appropriate currency) to the tour leader or representative of CMT D.O.O. in the place where the services are provided if so stated in the program/offer.


The categorizations of accommodation facilities (number of stars or categorization of facilities) listed in the CMT D.O.O. programs for individual arrangements are local or national categorizations and not CMT D.O.O. categorizations, hence CMT D.O.O. If the program/offer does not state the name of the accommodation facility (apartment, hotel,…), CMT DOO reserves the right to inform the passenger about the name of the accommodation facility. arrival at the destination. In these arrangements, the organizer guarantees the information, which is specified in the contract and includes at least:
-category of the facility (according to the official national categorization),
-room type,
-service in the hotel (overnight, half board, all-inclusive …)
-place/location of the accommodation.
Unless otherwise specified in the program, the prices of individual tourist arrangements per person for accommodation in three- and four-bedded apartments (these may also have extra beds) apply. All programs require the payment of a refundable deposit (from € 50 – € 100 per person).


The passenger may withdraw from the travel contract at any time before the start of the trip, and the CMT may require the passenger to pay an appropriate and justified cancellation fee. The passenger has the right to cancel the trip at the point where he concluded the travel contract.

Any change or change of program after the conclusion of the travel contract, which is not confirmed by the Agency, is considered a termination of the travel contract, even if the passenger later registers. If the change is minor and does not lead to a change in the essential items of the arrangement that would incur additional costs or prevent the trip, the CMT may approve the change but charge the administrative cost of the change:
– up to 30 days before departure: 15,00€,
– 29-10 days before departure: 30,00€,
– less than 9 days before departure: changes are not possible and any change is considered a withdrawal from the contract, if the parties agree on any change, the administrative cost of the change is charged in the amount of 30,00€.

In the event that the conditions for reimbursement of costs due to the termination of the travel contract are determined differently in the program, the conditions set out in the program shall apply.

Upon termination of the travel contract, the passenger must sign the cancellation document on the prescribed form, which is offered to him for signing by the sales consultant and which is attached to these general terms and conditions. In the event that the passenger refuses to sign this document, it is considered as if he has not terminated the travel contract.

During the trip, the passenger may interrupt the trip at his / her request and with a written statement of termination. If the passenger interrupts the trip during the trip, he is not entitled to a refund or purchase price upon return, neither in part nor in full.

If the passenger changes the program during the trip or does not travel according to the program that is an integral part of the contract with CMT, it is considered that the passenger has withdrawn from the contract during the trip. In this case, too, he is not entitled to reimbursement of costs or purchase price, neither in part nor in full. In this case, however, the passenger is liable for the costs and damage caused by the change in the program.

In the event of a change of the program at his own request or due to force majeure, without any reason on the part of CMT due to improperly performed service, the passenger has no right to demand any compensation or price reduction.

The passenger has the right to cancel the trip at the branch where he checked in or by e-mail. The cancellation can only be in writing. In this case, CMT is entitled to reimbursement of travel cancellation costs, the amount of which depends on the time before the day of commencement of the service in which the passenger canceled the travel contract. Unless otherwise specified in the program or on the application form for a specific arrangement, the following cancellation costs apply, which in no case are lower than 20€ per person for individual and tender arrangements and 40,00€ per person for programs designed for groups:

For individual and tender arrangements (BALKAN WAVE FESTIVAL):
– up to 90 days before departure administrative costs 20 EUR (per person),
– from 89 to 60 days before departure 50% of the package price,
– from 59 to 45 days before departure 70% of the package price,
– from 44 to 30 days before departure 85% of the package price,
– from 29 to 1 day before departure 100% of the package price,
– on the day of departure and after departure 100% of the package price.

In the event that the passenger does not show up for the service within the time specified in the program, notice of departure, or voucher, it is considered that he has withdrawn from the travel contract and waives the right to a refund of the amount paid or. associated differences. This does not apply if he/she reports a “late check-in” or a change on the reservation within the deadline. Withdrawal from the travel contract is considered if the passenger does not check-in at the accommodation facility on the day of arrival under the contract by 7 pm unless otherwise stated on the program/departure notice/voucher; does not appear at the departure of the means of transport (bus, train, plane, ship) at the time specified in the program/notice of departure/voucher; or does not take over the ordered other service within the time specified in the program/departure notice/voucher.
The passenger is obliged to provide in the written cancellation all the necessary information for the refund of the difference. In the event that the passenger does not communicate the data within 21 days of sending the check-out, the passenger waives the right to a refund of the amount paid or. associated differences. Regardless of the scale, check-out costs cannot be lower than administrative costs.
In case the registered person cannot take part in the trip, he/she has the right to find a person who will enter into the travel contract instead of him/her up to 10 days before departure, provided that the organizer agrees. The name change is only possible in person at the point of sale of CMT d.o.o. upon submission of a written statement and personal documents of both persons or upon completion of the form. In this case, CMT D.O.O. charged the passenger only for the cost of the change. In the event that the passenger at his own request during the trip in writing (statement of termination) withdraws from further travel, on return is not entitled to reimbursement. Lack of snow is not a reason to consider force majeure, so CMT D.O.O. in the event of cancellation of the trip by the passenger, he shall act in accordance with the provisions on the passenger’s change or cancellation of the trip. In the event that the organizer of the arrangement is another travel agency, the whose authorized representative is CMT D.O.O., its general terms and conditions apply.


On the basis of applicable legal regulations reserves the right to cancel the trip due to unavoidable and/or extraordinary circumstances due to which it cannot fulfill the travel contract or if the minimum number of persons has not registered for the trip:
-20 days before departure for trips longer than 6 days
-7 days before departure for trips lasting 2-6 days
-48 hours before departure for trips shorter than 2 days

Unless otherwise specified in the program, the following shall apply to the minimum required number of passengers on a given means of transport:
– for bus travel of at least 40 passengers,
– for journeys on scheduled air services of at least 20 passengers,
– for travel by special aircraft, trains, or ships, at least 80% occupancy.

In these cases, the organizer does not assume any obligation to compensate the damage to the registered passengers but returns the full amount paid except the registration (booking) fee (non-refundable). CMT D.O.O. reserves the right to withdraw from the contract, in whole or in part, if extraordinary circumstances arise before or during the implementation of the program which could not have been expected, eliminated, or avoided, for CMT D.O.O. however, those circumstances constitute a valid reason for not concluding the contract if they existed at the time the contract was concluded. CMT D.O.O. reserves the right to change the day or time of departure due to a change in the timetable of vehicles used or force majeure, and the right to change the direction of travel if the travel conditions change (new timetable, precarious situation in the country where the program is organized, natural disaster or other unforeseen causes beyond the control of CMT DOO), without special compensation and in accordance with the applicable regulations in passenger traffic. Because CMT D.O.O. cannot take responsibility for changes to the program due to force majeure during the course of the program, in these cases, it can provide passengers with services in a modified form according to the existing possibilities. The travel agency CMT reserves the right to withdraw from the contract in full or in part during the trip if the passenger does not adhere to the rules of conduct that apply to certain types of transport or. accommodation facilities, thereby endangering the well-being and health of other travelers and preventing the implementation of the program to the contractor by the agency.
CMT D.O.O. may cancel a service that is not an integral part of the package due to the insufficient number of registered or other justified reasons and/or is sold as an optional surcharge (bus transport, item) if the services that are an integral part of the package remain unchanged.


Passengers applying for a trip abroad must have a valid passport or other valid relevant document with which they can enter a particular country. In the event that individual countries condition entry into the country with special documents (visas), the passenger is obliged before the trip or. obtain these documents by the deadline set in the program. Non-EU passengers must also have all the necessary travel documents required by the countries to which they travel. Minor passengers are obliged to arrange all the necessary documentation for the passage of minors across national borders. If the passenger does not fulfill the listed obligations or. is unable to take part in the trip due to unorganized documents or has to interrupt it for the same reasons, CMT D.O.O. acts in accordance with the provisions on the passenger’s change of check-in and cancellation of the trip (see point V). In the event that CMT D.O.O. mediates in arranging the visa for the passenger, the agency does not guarantee the success of obtaining the visa. Mediation in editing is not included in the price and is paid separately, and the agency does not reimburse the costs of mediation in any case.


The passenger is obliged to respect the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the Republic of Slovenia and the countries to which he travels. If the passenger is unable to continue the journey due to non-compliance, he shall bear all consequences and costs incurred in this connection. connection.


According to the regulations of the World Health Organization, a passenger is obliged to be vaccinated and to obtain an appropriate document for travel to certain countries. Vaccination is also mandatory if such a medical regulation is adopted after the conclusion of the travel contract. Refusal to do so is not a justifiable reason to terminate the contract, provided that there are no contraindications to the passenger’s health. In this case, the passenger is required to submit a medical certificate. CMT D.O.O. shall not be liable for any complications or interruption of the passenger’s journey resulting from non-compliance with the health regulations of the country of entry.


Carriage of luggage up to a certain weight determined by the carrier is free of charge. In the case of air transport, the passenger has the right to free transport of a certain weight of luggage (according to the carrier’s regulations), and each additional kilogram is paid by the passenger himself, on the spot, in the appropriate currency or according to the provisions of the air carrier. Children under the age of two are not entitled to free luggage transport. CMT Travel Agency assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. Reports of lost or damaged luggage are addressed by the passenger to the carrier or hotel. In the case of air transport, luggage is the sole responsibility of the airline, in accordance with the regulations in force in international air passenger transport. In the event of loss of luggage, the passenger fills in the PIR form of the airline that performed the transport and hands it over to the representative of the airline, keeping one copy for himself. On the basis of the form, the airline pays him compensation in accordance with the regulations in force in international passenger transport. CMT D.O.O. is not responsible for theft or damage of the passenger’s luggage or other personal belongings, valuables and documents in the accommodation facilities or from the accommodation facilities (hotel rooms, apartments, etc.).


If the passenger loses documents during the trip or is stolen, but they urgently need to continue the trip or return home, the passenger obtains new ones at his own expense. When arranging formalities in this regard, the passenger may seek advice and assistance from the tour leader or a representative of CMT D.O.O. In case the passenger has to interrupt the trip due to loss or theft of documents, he is not entitled to a pro-rata refund of the paid arrangement.


Every passenger who has a contract has the right to complain about the inadequate service or. incompatibility with the travel contract. In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, the passenger is obliged to immediately report all irregularities and deviations from the agreed and paid arrangement to the service provider or the local representative at the destination. If he fails to do so, he cannot lodge a written complaint after arriving home in the event that the deficiencies have not been fully remedied. The passenger is obliged to file a written complaint within 60 (sixty) days after the end of the trip. In the event that the passenger misses the deadline for filing a complaint, CMT D.O.O. does not deal with their content. No written complaint CMT D.O.O. does not deal with requests for price reductions and compensation and other claims. The organizer will not take into account a joint complaint signed by several passengers – contract holders from one complaint. To the written request for a price reduction, compensation, or other requests, the passenger must submit an appropriate certificate from the hotelier, carrier or. other relevant persons, on the factual situation on the basis of which the passenger asserts his claim (eg proof of payment). If through no fault of CMT D.O.O. If the program or individual services are not fulfilled, the passenger is entitled to compensation in the amount of the real value of the services not performed or in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, except where CMT D.O.O. the right to cancel the arrangement or change the program.


CMT D.O.O. assumes no responsibility for any information on the application sites that do not comply with the service descriptions in the program. The information that the passenger receives at the check-in point is not binding on CMT D.O.O. more than the statements in the program or offer. In case of doubt, a written offer, written information, or written explanation is always considered valid. Prices and photographs published at intermediary sites or directly on the websites of hotels or other facilities and their advertising materials are for information purposes only, and insofar as they conflict with other information in the written program, written information, or in a written explanation CMT D.O.O. prior to the conclusion of the travel arrangement contract, CMT D.O.O. does not guarantee the completeness or authenticity of this information.
The Instructions and Special Terms and Conditions and the information published on points of sale and on the website apply to all arrangements and are an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions.
The average diligence of a customer who orders their services online or by telephone and is therefore skilled in using such services is to obtain all the information important to them through the website of the accommodation facility or holiday destination.


The prices of the arrangements, unless otherwise specified in the program, include basic accident insurance, but do not include health insurance, which means that passengers have to take care of the insurance themselves. For trips abroad, we recommend health insurance with assistance abroad. Also, the price of the arrangement does not include cancellation risk insurance, which the passenger can only pay at check-in. Thus, in the event of death or illness of the passenger or. close relatives, the insurance company on the basis of the appropriate certificate (medical certificate, death certificate) returns most of the amount paid, which would otherwise be lost if for the above reasons he could not attend the trip. The general terms and conditions of the insurance company concluding the relevant insurance policies are available at the point of sale.


For trips organized by CMT D.O.O., the passenger receives the final notification no later than 5 – 7 days before departure. Passengers will receive a pre-trip notification to their email address (if provided at check-in), otherwise, the notice can be picked up or ordered at their check-in point, where it is available no later than 5 – 7 days before the start of the trip, but CMT D.O.O. in case of printing and sending by post, it charges the costs of printing and sending in the amount of 5 €. In the event that the travel arrangement is organized by another tour operator, the passenger receives a notification of departure no later than 2 days before departure. Damage caused by the passenger giving an incomplete or incorrect address for the purpose of completing the referral/voucher or contract shall be borne by the passenger.


If any of the persons traveling abroad is organized by CMT D.O.O. at the time of the trip under the age of 18, is obliged to bring with him/her a properly completed certificate or statement by which the parents or guardians of the minor agree that the minor is traveling in the organization CMT D.O.O. at their own risk or at the responsibility of parents or guardians. In the event that a minor does not carry this certificate with him or her, he or she cannot travel with CMT D.O.O. and CMT D.O.O. reserves the right to dismiss her before departure without special compensation.


By purchasing a ticket from CMT D.O.O. the buyer accepts the house rules of the event location as well as the terms of cooperation between CMT D.O.O. and event organizers. Upon leaving the venue of the event, the ticket loses its validity. Failure to comply with house rules and misuse of the ticket will be penalized and the person removed from the venue. In such cases, the ticket cannot be returned. In case of complete or partial cancellation or postponement of the event, the terms and conditions of the individual organizer apply. The buyer of the ticket receives information about this from the organizer or at the point of sale where he bought the ticket. CMT D.O.O. is only an intermediary in ticket sales and is not responsible for refunds. Smaller or objectively justified changes to the cast or program are reserved. In case of cancellation, postponement of the event, or staff change, there is no reimbursement (ie arrival, hotel). During TV broadcasts, the visitor allows unlimited recording time without requesting compensation for broadcasting by the TV organization that produces the film and filmed the visitor during or in the context of the event and allows the use of all technical means to process the film.
The introduction of sound and image recording devices, bottles, glasses, cans, sticks, weapons, pyrotechnics, and other items specified in the house rules of the event location is prohibited.
– Keep the ticket as if it were cash.
– The barcode is unique and is only valid on the first scan, any further copying, and any further transition is not possible.
– In case of loss, replacement is not possible.
The ticket buyer must secure the ticket against unauthorized access. CMT D.O.O. does not assume any responsibility for any problems that may arise due to transmission, the transmission of information, copying. The organizer reserves the right not to allow ticket holders with an identical barcode in case of abuse. Any complaint is sent by the ticket buyer within the legally prescribed period.


CMT D.O.O. protects all passenger data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the relevant domestic legislation on personal data protection (ZVOP-1).
At this point, we would like to acquaint you with the privacy policy of CMT D.O.O .. This privacy policy governs the collection, storage, and processing of personal data by CMT D.O.O. collect from passengers, users of the CMT D.O.O website. The protection of your personal data is very important to us, so together with quality content we also guarantee your right to decide for yourself on the use of your data.
Contents 1. The controller of the personal data database 2. Categories of personal data 3. Purposes of personal data processing 4. Retention time 5. Legal bases6 Protection of personal data 7. User rights 8. Contractual processors and storage area 9. Use of cookies 10. Editing instructions cookies in individual browsers. 11 Legal notice.

1. Personal Data Controller CMT D.O.O., Ulica Gledališča BTC 8, Ljubljana. An authorized person regarding the protection of personal data is available at [email protected].

2. Categories of personal data The passenger data obtained by the controller for the purposes of performing the contract and kept by the controller of the personal data collected are: • e-mail address; • name and surname and title or gender; • company name; • physical address; • telephone; • GSM; • birth data; • personal document data; • information on the ordered arrangement and any additional ordered services; • information on the payer of the arrangement, if different from the information on the passenger; • payment details (type of payment, payment details); • any passenger’s remarks or special requirements; • past inquiries, purchases, invoices, support requests;
The obtained data of the users of the website, which are kept by the controller of the personal data collection, are • data on which pages the user visited on the portal or how far in the process of purchasing the arrangement he came; • data provided by the user’s browser or mobile device, such as e.g. user’s IP address, location data, device identifier (IMEI number, MAC address), browser data, information on how the passenger came to the website, operating system; • data from cookies and other methods of storing data in the user’s terminal equipment; • time and duration of the visit; • past inquiries, purchases, invoices, support requests. Obtained data of e-news users kept by the personal data controller: • e-mail address; • which messages the user opened and which links he clicked in the messages; • which pages he visited on the portal; • past inquiries, purchases, invoices, support requests; • IP addresses of the user • data from cookies and other methods of storing data in the user’s terminal equipment;
Acquired data on telephone calls, e-mails, or chats via our websites, which are stored by the personal data controller: • your telephone number, e-mail message, or nickname and IP address; • the content of your message.
Obtained data on participants in prize games and surveys kept by the personal data controller: • name; • age; • e-mail address or telephone number; • data necessary for the implementation of the prize game or survey.

3. Purposes of personal data processing The controller will use the data obtained from passengers and users of the website for the following purposes: • for the performance of the contract; • to communicate with the subscriber or. (pre) contractual relationship; • to conduct prize games and surveys; • for statistical and market analyzes; tracking clicks and opening e-mails and clicks on the website to segment and customize the content of e-mails; • informing and sending e-news, articles, event notifications by e-mail; • direct marketing and sending offers via SMS / MMS, e-mail and notification messages, traditional mail, on the website and mobile applications, and making telephone calls; • segmentation, profiling, and automated processing in order to create customized messages and offers that will be more relevant to the user; • Display customized ads on advertising platforms (Google and Facebook).
When emails are sent, the administrator records the opening of received messages from individuals and clicks on links in received messages. It also records views and promotions on the operator’s website. For better and more targeted transmission of offers and customization of messages or. communications automatically process the recorded data, the analyzer evaluates the activity and measures the interest of users.

4. Retention time We keep personal data of passengers for another five (5) years from the end of the arrangement (statute of limitations for claiming compensation from travel under the second paragraph of Article 352 of the Code of Obligations). Deletion is performed every year on day 1.7. for all data that should have been deleted in the previous calendar year.
Personal data are stored in other collections for five (5) years after their entry, or until the legal basis or legal interests for their further storage cease to exist. Deletion is performed every year on day 1.7. for all data that should have been deleted in the previous calendar year.
If the retention is based on the consent of the individual, after the revocation of this consent, his personal data will be efficiently and permanently deleted within 15 days.

5. Legal bases
By signing the contract, the passenger is considered to agree to the use of his personal data, which he stated in the application form, in order to fulfill the contractual obligations and rights and to communicate with the passenger in connection with the contractual or pre-contractual relationship. In the event that the passenger, as the payer of the trip, also orders for other passengers, it is further considered that he has previously obtained the consent of other passengers for the processing of their personal data for these purposes.
By signing the contract, the passenger is also considered to consent to the use of data from the application form for the purposes of direct marketing (notification of the offer of the operator and its business partners), customer segmentation, statistical processing, and market research. The consent is valid until revoked, which the passenger can give in person at the operator, by phone, by mail or by e-mail. If the passenger does not explicitly wish to process the data for these purposes, he can state this as a note in the travel application form.
Direct marketing of the controller’s offers by e-mail is also permitted on the basis of Article 72 of the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) or Article 158 of the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1). Notifications shall be sent periodically and shall be clearly marked as such. The recipient shall be provided with a clear and explicit opportunity in each message, through an appropriate link, to refuse to receive messages free of charge and easy.

Direct marketing, segmentation of customers based on their past purchases or demonstrated interest in purchases, and the implementation of statistical processing and market research are also allowed because they are necessary to achieve the legitimate interests pursued by the manager. The manager, like any other company, strives to offer its customers or potential customers better and more targeted offers, and thus persuade them to order new or additional services. For this purpose, it also collects data on the use of its website, e-mails, or other messages. The manager notes that this practice is also common in other companies in the industry or more broadly, but at the same time does not perceive that the state supervisory body in its work so far would significantly limit or prohibit it (at least as shown by the annual report of the state supervisory authority or his press releases). At the same time, the controller points out that individuals have significant opportunities to properly limit the possibilities of using their data for direct marketing purposes through appropriate settings in their profiles with advertising intermediaries (Google, Facebook). Consequently, the operator. considers that in these activities there is no situation where the legitimate interests of the data subject prevail over his legitimate interests to offer the best possible service.

6. Protection of personal data The controller will protect the obtained data in accordance with the applicable legislation on personal data protection and in accordance with its internal acts. It will provide adequate organizational and technical protection.
The controller will not pass on or disclose the obtained data to third parties, unless it is necessary for the implementation of the arrangement itself (eg tourism facilities providers, as stated below in the point on contractual processing), for fulfilling a court order or similar request of the competent authorities. , enforcing or defending the legal claims of the controller.

7. Rights of users In accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the controller of personal data must, at his request: • Confirm whether or not data relating to him being processed and give him access to his personal data; • Give him the opportunity to correct or supplement his personal data. • Give the possibility of partial or complete deletion of personal data when personal data are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed, and in some other cases, and the possibility of objections when personal data are processed in the legitimate interests of the controller; • Give the possibility to temporarily restrict the processing of personal data in certain cases;
• Give the possibility of partial or complete withdrawal of consent for the processing of personal data. The controller will take into account your request for cancellation and delete your personal data within 15 days at the latest when there is no other legal basis for processing. , Ulica Gledališča BTC 8 or by e-mail to [email protected]. In his request, he must state his identification data, the content of the request, and the justification of the request. Replies will be provided within one month of receiving the request. This period may be extended, if necessary, by a maximum of two additional months, taking into account the complexity and number of requirements.
Any individual may, in the event that he considers that his rights to the protection of his personal data have been violated by the controller in any way, at any time submit a written objection to the controller to the address of CMT D.O.O., Ulica Gledališča BTC 8, Ljubljana or lodges a complaint with the supervisory body (Information Commissioner, Dunajska 22, 1000 Ljubljana, [email protected]).
Each consumer has the option to simply unsubscribe from receiving e-mail messages with one click in the footer or to send an e-mail by unsubscribing to [email protected] or by replying to a specific e-mail message.

8. Contractual processors and storage area The controller shall also forward the collected personal data on passengers to its contractual processors, who may process the data only within the framework of the controller’s instructions and authorizations and who are obliged by a written contract with the controller namely for • implementation of an individual service from a tourist engagement; • customer data management (CRM), • e-mail marketing system • marketing automation system.
The provider keeps personal data files in the EU and does not export them to third countries. The operator may provide personal data to digital advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, Linked In, etc.) and use their cookies, which allow the operator to create more accurate segments, display targeted ads, and remarketing. This gives the user more relevant ads on these platforms by the operator. This may involve the export of data to a contractual processor outside the EU.

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10. Instructions for editing cookies in individual browsers: · Google Chrome · Internet Explorer · Safari · Firefox · Opera
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At all prices in CMT D.O.O. value-added tax is included. By registering for the trip, each passenger allows CMT D.O.O to use photos and videos from the trip (on which the passenger in question was taken) for promotional and commercial purposes. Vouchers issued by CMT for promotional purposes are redeemable exclusively at regular selling prices unless otherwise stated on the voucher. CMT D.O.O. shall not be liable for acts and damage caused by passengers during the journey. In the event of a dispute between the parties, the court in Ljubljana shall have jurisdiction to resolve them. CMT D.O.O. is not responsible for any errors in the propaganda material (catalogs, programs on newspapers, and websites). These general terms and conditions terminate the general terms and conditions of the order date.


The festival will take place in Novalja, Island of Pag in the period 4.7.-7.7.2024. CMT travel agency d.o.o. acts as the responsible organizer of package deals, and not as the organizer of the festival. Therefore, the general terms and conditions apply to package deals, and the following conditions apply to festival tickets:
– festival tickets are non-refundable

This means that in the event that the customer cancels the reservation, the cancellation costs are divided:
– festival ticket – non-refundable
– travel services – subject to the general conditions (see section 5 of the general conditions).

Age limit for attending the festival: 18+

At the time of the event, the general conditions of the venue also apply: https://www.noa-zrce.com/en/legal/general-terms-and-conditions/

No later than 5 days before departure, all clients will receive email notification of their departure with all the detailed information they need to leave on their travels.

Mandatory surcharges at the destination:
– Security deposit 50-100 € / person (returned at check-out, if the accommodation is in the same condition as at check-in)

Please check the conditions for crossing borders before departure. Refusal at the borders due to non-fulfillment of the conditions for crossing is considered to be a termination of the travel contract by the passenger and is not a reason for claiming cancellation risk insurance.

The “Balkan Wave” program is not suitable for persons under the age of 18, therefore we reserve the right to dismiss a minor who would still make a reservation before departure without special compensation or/and we do not allow him to use the reserved services.




Travel packages/travel services: [email protected]

Festival: [email protected]